Our team

Horst Fritz

Managing director and owner of

Horst Fritz


  • Sylvia Fritz

    Sylvia Fritz

    Office Management, Accounting, Human Resources

  • René Hanisch

    René Hanisch

    Operations Manager, Arlberg Exclusive, Vehicle Fleet Management, Scheduling

  • Sigi Eller

    Sigi Eller

    Accounting, Personnel Accounting, Calculations

  • Monika Entlicher

    Monika Entlicher

    Expert for customised excursion packages and a big fan of Italy. In winter, responsible for the shuttle bus to Zurich and return.

  • Eveline Jutz

    Eveline Jutz

    Supports us in the winterseason with excellent english skills in the running business. 

  • Wilmar Fritz

    Wilmar Fritz

    Senior driver of Arlberg Express. Specialist for Central Europe. Knows all airports like the back of his hand. Uncle to owner, Horst Fritz.

  • Sepp Bauer

    Sepp Bauer

    Specialist for clubs and groups

  • Christof Fritz

    Christof Fritz

    Passionate bus driver with experience all over Europe.

  • Marcel Rossdeutscher

    Marcel Rossdeutscher

    Specialist for Switzerland, the UK, Germany and good food.

  • Dietmar Wechner

    Dietmar Wechner

    Specialist for clubs and groups.

  • Roland Battisti

    Roland Battisti

    Musically gifted bus driver, always in a good mood.

  • Michael Richter

    Michael Richter

    Our specialist for Switzerland, France and Austria.

  • Ludger Kluyken

    Ludger Kluyken

    ... always keeps calm and cool. 

  • Tino Noe

    Tino Noe

    ... part of our team since this winter. 

  • Bernhard Klaunzer

    Bernhard Klaunzer

    Garage and workshop supervisor.

  • Jasmin Mai

    Jasmin Mai

    The landlady and soul of our Arlberg Express headquarters in Langen am Arlberg.