Our team

Horst Fritz

Managing director and owner of

Horst Fritz


  • Sylvia Fritz

    Sylvia Fritz

    Office Management, Accounting, Human Resources

  • René Hanisch

    René Hanisch

    Operations Manager, Arlberg Exclusive, Vehicle Fleet Management, Scheduling

  • Sigi Eller

    Sigi Eller

    Accounting, Personnel Accounting, Calculations

  • Viktoria Varga

    Viktoria Varga

    Responsible for the regular service to Zurich
    and organizes excursions to Hungary.

  • Kathi Malojer

    Kathi Malojer

    Human Resources.
    Our ex-police officer has our staff fully under control.

  • Sepp Bauer

    Sepp Bauer

    Specialist for clubs and groups

  • Christof Fritz

    Christof Fritz

    Passionate bus driver with experience all over Europe.

  • Marcel Rossdeutscher

    Marcel Rossdeutscher

    Specialist for Switzerland, the UK, Germany and good food.

  • Michael Richter

    Michael Richter

    Our specialist for Switzerland, France and Austria.

  • Tino Noe

    Tino Noe

    Our specialist for Salzburg. 

  • Pavels Andrejevs

    Pavels Andrejevs

    Our Mercedes-Sprinter king with the greatest hunger.

  • Mario Janikovic

    Mario Janikovic

    Our all-rounder.
    Always safe on all our vehicles on the way.

  • Maria Fuchs

    Maria Fuchs

    Our specialist for Switzerland.
    Ensures women's power among our drivers.

  • Michael Ertler

    Michael Ertler

    Garage and workshop supervisor.